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"Freight Master" LLC was founded in Moscow in July 2000. The shareholders of the company are Russian citizens. The core business of the company is international freight forwarding.
Acting as agent of cargo owners, "Freight Master" focusing on the protection of rights and interests of its customers involved in to international trading relations, which linked to inter-countries cargo deliveries, by providing reliable and professional services on every delivery. The services are bases on knowledge of Russian Federation domestic specifics, as well as specifics of various carriers, ports, customs formalities and relevant authorities involved.

Freight Master

Our company specializes in international deliveries of general cargo by any mode of transport.

We are able to offer our customers best options of transportation in accordance with your requirements to transit time, customs procedures and formalities.

We guarantee friendly manner and personified co-operation with every customer, responding to commercial and customs aspects of your contracts, will provide with recommend optimal delivery terms of contracts, routes and modes of delivery.

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